2012 Global Debate and Public Policy Challenge is Open

Do you have interest in public policy and debate? If so, you should sign up for the 2012 Global Debate and Public Policy Challenge. This annual competition is intended to get undergraduates and recent college graduates interested in world issues and public debate and awards several great awards, including $10,000 scholarships. The competition is open to students from all disciplines and from any location in the world.

How to Participate

In order to participate in the challenge, you must first register at http://gdppc.idebate.org/content/gdppc-join-challenge. Once you are registered, review the challenge materials and become familiar with the requirements and topic. This year’s topic, “Digital Freedom and Its Limits” is designed to examine government and group policies that are necessary to maximize the benefits of digital technology to people and society. Within this topic will be debates on Internet freedom limits, privacy, social networks, child protection, democracy, censorship, national security, transparency, and other pressing issues.

Once you are familiar with the topic, you must prepare and submit a brief on your policy no later than November 30. The challenge will be comprised of two written assignments. 50 finalists will be sent to Budapest, Hungary for the final round of the contest and the awarding of scholarships. Those chosen for the final competition will have accommodation and travel provided at no cost and will be required to attend advocacy and public speaking workshops before the final event.

Contestants and Awards

The competition is open to all undergraduate students who are enrolled in an accredited higher education program worldwide as well as those who are recent graduates of a qualifying program. Finalists will receive a trip to Budapest for the finals in June 2013. Overall winners will receive one of five $10,000 scholarships, a graduate school scholarship, or a stipend for working in a public policy non-profit institution of the winner’s choosing.

If you have a deep interest in public policy and the global society and enjoy sharing your views with others, this is a fantastic opportunity to earn college money, to travel, and to hone your speaking and public policy skills.




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