Air Force ROTC Scholarship

Air Force ROTC Scholarship

If you are looking for a great way to pay for college while preparing for a fantastic career, the Air Force ROTC is just what you are looking for. When you serve in the Air Force ROTC, you can get the college funding you need and can enter a career as an Air Force officer immediately after graduation.

About the Scholarship

When you take Air Force ROTC courses in college, you will typically receive academic credit for electives. Classes are taught by highly-skilled military faculty, and will have the opportunity to hear a variety of distinguished speakers. Instructors who teach ROTC courses are active-duty officers in the Air Force and have earned the assistant professor rank. Unit commanders have a full professor rank.


The Air Force ROTC scholarship covers all tuition and the majority of lab fees. It also provides a textbook allowance and as much as $500 in spending money per month. High school seniors must apply for this program by December 1.

The Program

In order to become a commissioned Air Force officer through ROTC, students must successfully complete the entire four-year program. As such, it is necessary to enroll in AFROTC when you register for your first classes in college.

The freshman and sophomore years of the ROTC program consist of the General Military Course. This typically includes an hour of class work and an additional leadership lab every week. This portion of the education provides an opportunity for students not already earning the ROTC scholarship to test drive the program before making a decision.

Once the first two years are completed, you can compete for entry into the Professional Officer Course. Candidates are chosen based on GPA, aptitude test scores, and unit commander evaluation. Those chosen for admission into the program have to complete a field-training unit during the summer. This will take place over the course of four weeks on an Air Force base and must be completed before you can enter the Professional Officer Course.

During the Professional Officer Course, you will be required to attend three class hours each week and to participate in a leadership lab weekly. While you are a student in the Professional Officer Program, you will apply what you have learned thus far while conducting leadership laboratories and managing the cadet corps. The classes in the Professional Officer program are small and are based largely on presentations by cadets and on group discussion.

Class content includes such topics as communication skills, national defense policy, and management. When you enter the Professional Officer Course, you must enlist in the Air Force Reserve, where you will be part of the Obligated Reserve Section. During this phase of your training, you will be entitled to receive a monthly nontaxable allowance of between $300 and $500 for the duration of your degree program.

If you are looking for a solid career and a way to pay for college, the Air Force ROTC scholarship will provide you with both.

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