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Baseball Scholarships

Hit a Home Run with Baseball Scholarships

Baseball scholarships are more readily available than those for other sports. As such, players of any level may be able to land awards from colleges, organizations, and local leagues. Most of these scholarships are determined by financial need, academic records, and extracurricular activities, but others require nothing more than participating on eligible local teams. Here is a list of some of the baseball scholarships available:

NCAA Athletic Scholarships

NCAA baseball scholarships are available for a variety of sports through individual colleges and universities. NCAA Division I and II schools offer athletic scholarships, while Division III schools only offer academic scholarships. Students who receive an NCAA scholarship must meet the academic requirements for at least one year. At Division I schools, students may be renewed each year at the discretion of the school. These scholarships may cover all expenses for some students and are highly coveted. In truth, however, only around 2% of high school athletes are awarded these scholarships. For more information, check with your college or university.

Davis Law Group Scholar Athlete Program

Starting in January, the Davis Law Group will choose one female and one male athlete to receive $1,000 baseball scholarships. Candidates must be nominated through the Davis Law Group website to be eligible. In addition, nominees must be high school seniors with a 3.0 GPA or higher and must have excellent performance in a sport. Candidates can be nominated by parents, peers, coaches, teachers, teammates, and school administrators.

PONY Baseball/Softball Alumni Scholarship Program

These baseball scholarships are available for graduates of the Pony, Colt, or Palomino Leagues. To apply, students must play on one of the affiliated teams for at least two years and must be high school seniors. Each year, the program will provide four scholarships, one each to the north, south, east, and west zones. To apply, students must complete an official application, a School and Community Activities Form, and an essay on the assigned topic. Students must also submit SAT, ACT, or TOEFL test results, a letter of acceptance from a college or university, a notarized letter demonstrating participation in a league, and two letters of recommendation. All materials are due by May 1. Applications and submission instructions can be found here.

NCAA Walter Byers Postgraduate Scholarship Program

The purpose of these baseball scholarships is to encourage academic excellence in student athletes. Through this program, one female and one male student athlete are awarded a $24,000 scholarship for demonstrating outstanding academic performance and for proving potential to be successful in postgraduate studies. To be eligible, applicants must have at least a 3.5 GPA or higher, have competed as part of a varsity NCAA team, and be a graduating senior or enrolled graduate student. Students must also be dedicated to completing a graduate degree and show superior leadership and character. Applications can only be made through nomination in late September of each year. If interested, speak with your school counselor or financial aid office. More information can be found here.

American Legion Baseball Scholarship

Each year, the American legion offers baseball scholarships that are valued at as much as $5,000. To be eligible, students must be nominated by a Head Coach or Team Manager of an American Legion affiliated team. The recommendation must include a completed scholarship application, a copy of the student’s high school transcript, and three letters of testimony. In addition, students must be high school graduates who are on a current team roster filed with National Headquarters. Department winners will receive a $500 scholarship and will be considered for the American Legion All Academic Team. Players chosen for the team will receive another $2,500 in scholarship funding. A ninth player who is chosen as the most outstanding member of the team will receive a $5,000 scholarship. For more information and the official application, visit the American Legion website.

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