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Fencing Scholarships

Fencing Scholarships Help You Sharpen Your Career Skills

Fencing is a much more popular sport than many people realize. However, those hoping to fence on a college team need to do a great deal of research before applying to school since many schools do not offer an official fencing team. The same applies to fencing scholarships, especially as many traditional fencing scholarships are extremely competitive. If you have a high skill level and are serious about the sport, you may be able to land acceptance to a top university and earn a great deal of scholarship money. In addition, all fencers should check with club and intramural teams and seek out alternative sources of scholarship money. Many of these scholarships consider your financial need more heavily and provide a better chance of approval. Here are some of the best fencing scholarships to consider:

Williams Scholarship Fencing Tournament

This competition is held each year at Reed College and provides fencing scholarships to students who finish in the top three. Winners share $10,000 in college funding. For further information on the competition as well as eligibility requirements, visit the official of the Williams Scholarship Fencing Tournament.

Herbert C. Spiselman Memorial Endowment for Fencing

Fencers who are nationally ranked and who compete in the World Cups and Work Championship can apply for these fencing scholarships at Columbia University. Interested students should contact the Office of Financial aid at Columbia University to receive instructions on how to apply and qualify for the funding. In addition, details are available at the Herbert C. Spiselman Memorial Endowment for Fencing website.

Pennsylvania State University Women’s Fencing Scholarship

Pennsylvania State University has one of the top ranked fencing programs in the United States. The fund was started with a $50,000 anonymous endowment and is used to fund women fencers who possess the right combination of academic ability and fencing skills. For full program details and application information, visit the site of the Women’s Fencing Scholarship.

Eric Wang Memorial Scholarship

Eric Wang was a member of the St. Mark’s Men’s Epee Team and the Fencing Institute of Texas. In his memory, the Fencing Institute of Texas and the Wang Family provides fencing scholarships to winners of the Wang Memorial Fencing Tournament. To apply, students must be high school seniors or college students in the first three years of study. In addition, students must have ample fencing experience. To apply, applicants must submit a completed application and other requested materials by May 31. The scholarship awards are valued at $500 each. Full information and applications are available at

Rieschick Fencing Scholarship

The Rieschick Fencing Scholarships provide $250 to Wetmore High School seniors who are planning to attend an accredited two- or four-year college or university or a qualified technical school. One student each year receives the funding. To qualify, students must submit an application, high school transcript, and a 250-word essay by April 15. Applications are available at the official site here.

Fencing is an underrated sport that is gaining in popularity across the country. If you are a skilled fencer, or simply a fencer with experience in competitions and financial need, there are fencing scholarships that can help you pay for your college degree while still enjoying your sport of choice. Many of these programs are highly competitive, so be sure to follow all application instructions in order to have the best chances of receiving awards.

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