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Softball Scholarships

Softball Scholarships to Help Pay for College

As with baseball scholarships, softball scholarships are plentiful and offer many options for players that are outside of college programs. Summer leagues provide some of the best opportunities, but there are also many that are based on financial need, community service, character, extracurricular activities, and academic ability. If you love softball, try these scholarships to get the funding you need for school:

School Scholarships

Many colleges and universities offer softball scholarships in an effort to draw the best and brightest to the school softball teams. This is the best source of scholarship money for students who play softball, so be sure to check with your school’s athletic and financial aid departments to see what opportunities are available to you. In addition, your high school counselor may be able to help you locate colleges and universities that offer softball scholarships. If you have achieved a great deal during your high school softball years, you will likely be able to land a school-sponsored scholarship.

Bobby Sox Scholarships

The Bobby Sox softball scholarships are for 8th grade and graduating high school senior girls who have participated in multiple seasons of Bobby Sox softball. Eligible students have participated in at least four seasons by 8th grade or at least 5 seasons by high school graduation. Each year, the program provides around 45 scholarships to high school seniors, ranging from $100 to $2,500. Girls in 8th grade receive a savings bond worth $100. Scholarship recipients are chosen by committee based on completed applications, recommendations from Bobby Sox officials, community leaders, and school employees, a scholarship essay, Bobby Sox participation, and GPA. For applications and full scholarship details, visit

IUTIS Club Scholarships

The softball scholarships provided by the IUTIS Club are for high school seniors who have played IUTIS Club softball for a minimum of four years and who are planning to intend a two- or four-year program at a college or university. Scholarship recipients will be chosen based on community and school service, academic achievement, and quality of recommendations.  All materials are due by March 21 and can be found at

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