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Track & Field Scholarships

Track Scholarships Keep You Running

Were you a track star in high school? Is running as much a part of your life as breathing? If so, your track performance can lead to much needed money for your college education. Before you pay for your college education, look to these track scholarships programs to help cover your costs and to make your education much more affordable:

Twin Cities Marathon, Inc. College Scholarship Program

These track scholarships award one-time $5,000 scholarships to one male and one female who are high school seniors and participants in track or cross-country. To be eligible, students must reside in the 11-county Twin Cities area and must have a 3.0 or higher GPA. Applications are open for these scholarships from January 2 to March 1. Applications and full details are available here.

World Sport Chicago Scholarships

The World Sport Chicago athletic scholarships were designed to help student athletes get ready for college success. Each year, as many as 50 high school students are chosen to participate in a year-long mentoring program throughout their senior year. These WSC Scholars will then be able to compete for a $5,000 renewable scholarship. Eligible students must be residents of Chicago and attend a Chicago school. In addition, candidates must have participated in a summer Paralympic or Olympic sport for at least two seasons in the previous three years. The deadline for application is December 12. Full details and applications are available at

USA Track and Field Scholarships

One good source of track scholarships is your local chapter of USA Track and Field, or USATF. This organization is the governing body for long-distance running, track and field, and race-walking. Every year, the organization provides scholarship money to graduating athletes who have participated in the organization. Typically, amounts are $250 for attending a two-year college or technical school and $500 for attending a four-year college or university. While this may seem like a small award, every dollar counts for college students. If you are a high school track team member, this program is definitely worth checking into. You can find applications and detailed information at

David Mielke Scholarship

The David Mielke track scholarships are available to seniors at Botkins High School in Shelby County, Ohio. To be eligible, students must have earned at least two team letters as members of a Botkins High track or cross country team. Recipients are chosen based on community and school service, academic achievement, and letters of recommendation. Awards are worth $1,000. To apply, submit the application and all required materials by March 22. Forms and program details are available at

Even if you are overlooked by recruiters, you can still get track scholarships if you know where to look. These programs are a good start on finding the college funding you need. Most programs are competitive, so apply early and make sure to complete all information fully and accurately for the best chances of winning.

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