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Anthropology Scholarships

Anthropology is the study of the origins of mankind and how our earliest beginnings have molded us into what we are today. Anthropology also looks at our potential future based on the past. Students who plan on majoring in anthropology must study history, archaeology, biology, and more as well as classes in language and culture. Anthropologists perform an important function to our society and are vital members of the academic world. Even these prized professionals, however, are not exempt from the financial worries that accompany seeking a college education. If you are planning to earn a degree in anthropology and wonder how you will cover the costs, these anthropology scholarships can help you make your dreams come true:

Waring Full Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Anthropology

The Antonio J. Waring Jr. anthropology scholarships provide full tuition for anthropology students at the University of West Georgia. The scholarship is available to students at the beginning of the junior year of study and can be renewed for four semesters. The award amounts to around $7,500 a year, enough to cover full-time in-state tuition rates, room and board, and a textbook allowance. If recipients receive any other UWG scholarships, that amount is subtracted from the Waring award amount. Recipients are chosen by Anthropology Department faculty based on leadership, academic excellence, and participation in program activities as well as the potential for using anthropology in future careers. Those interested in this scholarship should contact Dr. Ray Crook. For current application deadlines and other information, visit the scholarship site.

Richland College Anthropology Scholarship

These anthropology scholarships provide students with $250 per semester awards. To be eligible, students must have at least a 2.5 GPA and be majoring in anthropology or a subfield and must have completed at least six credit hours. To apply, students must submit the DCCCD Foundation scholarship application form and complete a 250 word essay and statement of financial need by the first Friday in June. Full program details and applications are available at

Paul Jean Provost Scholarship Award

The Paul Jean Provost anthropology scholarships were started to honor the founder of the Indian University – Purdue University Fort Wayne Department of Anthropology. Recipients must be declared anthropology majors who have completed at least 12 hours of anthropology course work. Recipients are chosen based on GPA, essay completion, extracurricular activities, and more. For further information, visit

University of Wyoming Department of Anthropology Scholarship

To apply for these anthropology scholarships, students must submit a completed and signed official application, two sealed letters of support, a letter discussing the applicant’s academic goals and interests, and transcripts to the department office by February 1. Applications and further information are available at

ASA-Southern California Archaeology Endowment

These anthropology scholarships are available to students interested in taking a field course or engaging in laboratory or field research under the direction of a faculty member. The scholarship will provide money to help cover the costs of fees, books, materials, room and board, and travel expenses. To qualify, students must be current anthropology majors at CSUSB who are graduating at the end of the spring quarter. Interested students must submit proposals to the Chair of the Anthropology Department that detail proof of enrollment in a field school as well as a budget list of all costs related to the educational experience. Proposals must be accompanied by a signed letter of recommendation from a faculty member. For full program information, visit the school website.

Anthropology scholarships can help students who wish to enter this remarkable field to get the degree they need while taking a minimum of student loans and other debt. Many of these opportunities are available to students across the country, so search for all opportunities that will meet your needs.

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