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History Scholarships

Indulge Your Passion with History Scholarships

Do you have a deep love and interest in history? Are you constantly seeking to unravel the mysteries of our past? If so, you may have what it takes to become a history major. Getting your degree in history prepares you for so much more than becoming a historian. Many people who choose this path become teachers, lawyers, writers, politicians, archivists, and much more. Getting a degree, however, can be quite costly. As such, many students rely on financial aid and scholarships to help cover the costs. If you are interested in getting your history major, these history scholarships can help you meet your goals:

Professor E.A. Rogers Award

Every year, the Junior State of American organization offers scholarships to help pay the partial or full cost of attending the Summer School program. These history scholarships are available for Princeton, Georgetown, or Stanford Universities and are based on academic achievement, leadership potential, and motivation to attend the Summer School program. In addition, the organization gives $750 scholarships to students who are members of a chapter of JSA and who have attended at least one convention during the year. If you are interested in these scholarship opportunities, you can get an application and full details are available at

The National Society of the Colonial Dames of America

Every year, this organization provides four scholarships, valued at $5,000 each to students earning doctoral degrees in American history, historic preservation and restoration, political science, or historic site administration. In addition, the organization provides a variety of state awards to students of all ages who are working to study, promote, or enhance the field of American history. For more information on all the funding available, and to apply for the doctoral scholarship, visit Deadlines vary.

ALBA George Watt Memorial Essay Contest

The George Watt Memorial Essay Contest provides history scholarships to undergraduateĀ and graduate students from across the United States. In order to enter the competition, students must write an essay of 3,500-7,500 words on the Spanish Civil War, contributions and histories of Americans who fought for the Spanish Republic during the time period of 1936-1938, or the worldwide struggle against fascism during the 1920s and 1930s. Winners will receive $250 toward college costs, one in the graduate category, and one in the undergraduate category. All submissions must be fairly recent and must be completed as part of a degree requirement. Deadline for entry is July 1. For full details and submission instructions, visit

Samuel Eliot Morison Naval History Scholarship

These $5,000 history scholarships are available to active duty commissioned officers of the U.S. Marine Corps or the U.S. Navy. Eligible candidates must meet high standards of academic excellence and leadership potential and must be pursuing a graduate degree in international relations, history, or a closely related field of study. To apply, students must submit proof of student status, a copy of an officer biography, official transcripts, an outline of educational goals, a statement detailing how the education will benefit the individual and the Navy and a commanding officer endorsement by April 1. For applications and detailed information, visit

Daughters of the American Revolution

The DAR offers four history scholarships, valued at between $1,000 and $2,000. To apply for these scholarships, students must submit a completed application, a statement of career objectives, high school or college transcripts, between two and four letters of recommendation, and a list of extracurricular activities, achievements, and honors. Applicants must also provide proof of U.S. citizenship, a financial need form, and a self-addressed, stamped postcard. Deadline for materials is February 15. For applications and forms as well as submission details, visit the Daughters of the American Revolution website.

B. Phinizy Spalding & Hubert B. Spalding Scholarships

The Georgia Trust provides history scholarships each year in the form of two $1,000 awards and two $1,500 awards to promote the study of historic preservation and similar fields. The awards are made based on academic achievement and leadership abilities. Scholarships through this program are available to freshmen at any Georgia college or university who are attending or planning to attend full time. Recipients are encouraged to work in the state of Georgia after graduation. Eligible fields of study include historic preservation, architecture, archeology, planning, and history. To apply, students must submit proof of college registration, transcripts, and three letters of recommendation. Applications are evaluated on academic achievement, the official application, and involvement with fields related to historic preservation. All materials are due by February 8. For applications and further information, visit

Western Civilization Fellowship

These $20,000 history scholarships are available to graduate students who have an interest in researching the Western tradition. To be eligible, applicants must have membership in the Intercollegiate Studies Institute and must be engaged in a graduate program with the intent of teaching at the university level. Applicants are required to be citizens of the U.S. who are attending school full time. To apply, candidates must submit an essay detailing the relationship between liberty and the Western Civilization. In addition, applicants must submit a headshot, an outline of education, internships, fellowships, and awards, an autobiography, an academic writing sample, and three letters of recommendation. Other required materials include official transcripts, responses to required questions, and a signed declaration of the intent to teach. To apply, students must first register on the ISI portal at All materials are due by January 16.

James Madison Foundation Graduate Fellowships

To be eligible for these history scholarships, students must be nationals or citizens of the United States and must be teachers, or future teachers, of American history, social studies, or government at the 7-12 grade level. In addition, applicants must hold a bachelorā€™s degree or be completing one in the application year, and must have waited at least three years since earning a previous graduate degree. Recipients of these $24,000 awards must agree to teach a qualified subject one full year for each year that funding was received, preferably in the state that awarded the fellowship. Full details and application information can be found at

These excellent history scholarships can help you pay for the education you need to earn your history degree and to enter a career you will truly love. If you are ready to get your education and start your dream job, apply to these programs to get the funding you really need.

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