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Interior Design Scholarships

Beautify the World with Interior Design Scholarships

Interior designers are responsible for making all of our areas more welcoming and stylish. From private homes to hotels and office spaces, a skilled interior designer can capture the tastes and needs of the client and transform the space into a personal haven. Earning the necessary degree to become an interior designer takes a large investment of time and money. If this is your dream career, you can cut that expense by using interior design scholarships.

IFDA Educational Foundation

The IFDA offers a variety of interior design scholarships each year, ranging in value from $1,500 to $3,000. Although the qualifications for various scholarships differ, the general requirements state that students must be majoring in interior design or a related career field and must have completed at least four design courses at an accredited postsecondary school. Students must submit an official application along with an essay describing personal and career goals, copies of designs, and other required documents by March 31. Applications and specific details for each scholarship are available at

Irene Winifred Eno Grant

This grant is provided by the American Society of Interior Designers to those who are engaged in research dedicated to interior design for safety, health, or welfare. The $5,000 grants are awarded based on the project description, use of funds, and marketing plan for the end product. To apply, students must submit an application along with an abstract, an explanation of how funds will be used, a promotional plan, and a biographical statement with headshot by April 15. View the application and further details at

Joel Polsky Prize

This is another of the excellent interior design scholarships offered by the ASID each year. The purpose of the award is to recognize exceptional contributions to the interior design field through visual communication or literature. Awards will be made based on comprehensive coverage of the topic, innovation, presentation, organization, references, and bibliography. To apply for the $5,000 award, applicants must submit the completed application along with a description of the entry, a copy of the entry, and a biographical statement. The application and materials are due by April 15.

Joel Polsky Academic Achievement Award

These annual ASID interior design scholarships are given to recognize outstanding accomplishment in a student’s interior design thesis or research project. Recipients will be chosen based on breadth of material, content, innovative subject matter, comprehensive coverage of the topic, and the bibliography and references. To apply, students must submit an abstract, a biographical statement, and a copy of the thesis, research project, or dissertation. Recipients will receive $4,000 toward college. To apply, students must submit the application and other required materials by April 15.

Legacy Scholarship for Undergraduates

These $4,000 interior design scholarships are open to juniors and seniors in an undergraduate interior design program. In order to apply for these scholarships, students must submit an official transcript, a personal statement of career goals, and a letter of recommendation. Students must also submit a portfolio with description and contents list and a biographical statement with headshot by April 15. See full program details at

David Barrett Memorial Scholarship

This is one of the best interior design scholarships available. These $12,000 awards are provided to outstanding undergraduate or graduate students who have shown an interest in using traditional methods and classical designs, including fabrics and furniture. Interested applicants must submit a completed application along with a letter of recommendation, a personal statement, and a prepared design portfolio with descriptions of how classical designs are used in each portfolio component. Full information and applications are available at

Howard Hirsch Design Scholarship

These interior design scholarships provide $3,000 to one student each year who is completing the final three quarters of the Professional Level Program in Interior Design. To be eligible, students must have at least a 3.3 GPA and must have completed all classes through the 7th quarter at UCLA. For further information, visit

Interior design scholarships can help you get the degree you need to enter one of the world’s most beautiful careers. If you are ready to earn your interior design degree, but want to avoid taking on massive student loan debts, these scholarships are the answer to your needs.

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