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Physical Therapy Scholarships

Physical therapists provide a valuable service by helping people who are suffering from illnesses and injuries to overcome their limitations and live a better quality of life. Becoming a physical therapist takes a major investment of time and money, but is well worthwhile. If you are interesting in pursuing physical therapy as a career, these physical therapy scholarships can help cover the costs of your education so you can focus more on learning and less on finance. Here are some of the great physical therapy scholarships that are available to you:

University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation

The University of Wisconsin offers numerous physical therapy scholarships that can help students pay for the cost of earning their degrees. Here are some of the offerings:

  • Margaret A. Kohli Scholarship – This fund is in honor of the retired Director of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Physical Therapy Program. Each year, the program provides financial help to a second-year physical therapy student who has shown excellent leadership potential and academic achievement.
  • Jean L. Roland Memorial Scholarship – This fund is in honor of Jean L. Roland’s outstanding career as a physical therapist and her service to children with disabilities. Scholarships are provided to students for the second year of graduate physical therapy study.
  • Barbara Ellen Gerlich-Hoefeyzer Scholarships – This fund is used to provide student scholarships, programs, services, and fellowships in physical therapy.
  • Amelia Doyon Scholarship – This scholarship fund is awarded to a first-year female student in physical therapy to pay for the second year of study. Candidates are chosen based on financial need and academic standing.
  • Caroline, Clara, and Charles Mildred Harper Scholarships – These scholarships are provided to two first-year physical therapy students based on academic standing and financial need.
  • Ridley Family Physical Therapy Scholarships – This fund is made available in gratitude for the care Ted Ridley received from University of Wisconsin physical therapists after brain surgery. The fund provides one or more scholarships to enrolled or accepted physical therapy students each year.

To apply for these scholarships and to get information on deadlines and other requirements, visit the official website at

American Physical Therapy Association

The American Physical Therapy Association provides numerous physical therapy scholarships for students who are looking for financial assistance in paying for a degree. One of these, the CSM Scholarship for Physical Therapy Students, is provided in conjunction with Kaiser Permanente. This scholarship covers conference registration and provides $500 for lodging, travel, and meals. To be eligible, students must be members of APTA and must be second or third year physical therapy students when applying. Applicants must also be pursuing a career in neurologic, orthopedic, geriatric, or sports physical therapy. The APTA also provides the Mary McMillan Scholarship award. These physical therapy scholarships are given through nominations from physical therapy and physical therapist assistant education programs. Student nominees must be enrolled in the final year of an assistant program or a part-time physical therapy program. Students in a physical therapist professional education program must be within one year of completing all requirements to graduate from the entry-level program. Scholarships are awarded based on past productivity, scholastic achievement, evidence of potential contributions to the field of physical therapy, and service to the APTA. Recipients will receive $3,000 for a physical therapist assistant program and $5,000 for a physical therapist professional education program. For further information, visit

Physical therapy is a rapidly growing career field that provides candidates with an excellent salary, great employment benefits, and tremendous job security. If you are interested in entering a physical therapy career, these scholarships can take a bite out of the large monetary investment required for your education.

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