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Colorado Scholarships

Do you feel like college is out of your reach? If you live in Colorado, you may be relieved and hopeful to know that there are many scholarships in Colorado that can take a chunk out of the higher education price tag and make it possible for you to achieve your dreams. When you receive these scholarships in addition to your federal financial aid, you will find that the list price of a degree is substantially lower and may be covered completely. If you are having difficulty paying for college and need some help, these scholarships may be just what you need.

Marla Bouma Memorial Tuition Award

To be eligible for these scholarships, students must be United States citizens and residents of Colorado. In addition, students must have at least a 3.0 GPA and have completed at least six semester hours in Early Childhood related classes in an undergraduate or graduate program at an accredited Colorado college or university. Finally, applicants must demonstrate a commitment to Early Childhood Education and be current members of AEYC. To apply, students must submit an official application along with a tuition award essay form, a college reference form, personal reference forms, and an official transcript from all colleges or universities attended by March 8. To apply, or to get further information, visit the official scholarship website.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Essay Contest Scholarship

Drug and alcohol abuse has ruined the lives of millions. This contest aims to increase awareness of this plague through an essay contest. All eligible high school seniors can enter the contest to earn $500 for college. To be eligible, students must be current high school seniors with at least a 2.5 GPA and plans to attend college the fall semester after graduation. To enter, applicants must write an essay about a personal encounter with drug and/or alcohol abuse as well as the ways the situation was dealt with and what can be learned from the experience. There are no deadlines or other requirements as long as the essay is written and submitted according to instructions. Essays must be submitted via postal mail. For full details and requirements, visit

The Pinnacol Foundation College Scholarship Program

To be eligible for this scholarship, students must be the dependent of a worker killed in a work-related accident who is entitled to receive benefits through the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act. Students must also be between 16 and 25 years of age, and have a high school diploma, a GED, or be a high school senior. To apply, students must submit at least one letter of recommendation, transcripts, a personal essay, and documentation of the parents’ accident. Candidates will be judged based on academic achievement, aptitude, financial need, extracurricular activities, and community service. Applications are due by March 31 and are available at

The White Rose Scholarship

These scholarships are available to United States citizens or permanent residents who have been Colorado residents for at least the past year. Successful applicants must demonstrate financial need and evidence of community involvement. Students must also be admitted and enrolled in an accredited college, university, or technical/vocational school with at least a 3.0 high school GPA or a GED. To apply, students must submit an official application along with a current transcript and two letters of recommendation by January 17. To download an application and get further program information, visit the official scholarship website.

Eagle Legacy Foundation Scholarship

To apply for these $1,000 scholarships, students must submit a copy of the SAR showing the Expected Family Contribution, recent transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement by April 1. Personal statements should include career goals and objectives, community involvement, achievements and awards, strengths, skills, and qualifications, as well as present financial need. Statements should be double-spaced and be no more than two pages in length. Applications and further information are available at

LEAD Foundation Community Scholarship

This program provides $1,000 to a Colorado resident who is pursuing an post-secondary degree and who has an identified learning disability or AD/HD. Ideally, recipients will have faced the challenges of having a learning disability and has developed an awareness of importance of self-knowledge and advocacy in overcoming such challenges. To be eligible, students must have a documented, specific learning disability and have at least a 2.8 GPA. To apply, students must submit a completed application along with two to three letters of recommendation, proof of Colorado residency, proof of academic status, and proof of a specific learning disability by March 8. Applications are available at

Stephen T. Marchello Scholarship Foundation

These scholarships are available to graduating high school seniors who have had childhood cancer and are residents of Montana or Colorado. Awards will be made based on GPA, ACT or SAT scores, information provided by the physician, letters of reference, and the answers to two essay questions. The official application, along with transcripts, letters of recommendation and other supporting documentation are due by March 15. Applications can be downloaded at

Greenhouse Scholars Scholarship

Graduating high school seniors in Colorado or Illinois may apply to become Greenhouse Scholars. To be eligible, students must be citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. and graduating high school in Colorado or Illinois with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. In addition, students must demonstrate a strong commitment to the community, the ability to overcome difficult circumstances, the possession of strong leadership abilities, and financial need as evidenced by a household income of $70,000 a year or less. Applications can be found at and are due by January 21.

These and other scholarships in Colorado are the answer to the problems of many financially-strapped students. If you need funding to make your dreams of earning a degree come true, these opportunities can give you just what you need to be successful. Since these programs cater to a smaller candidate pool than national scholarships, they provide a much greater chance of success. Start applying today and you may be surprised at the level of help that is available to you.

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