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Kansas Scholarships

College costs keep rising and the fiscal crisis makes the future of financial aid unstable at best. Because of these factors, many students feel that college is out of their reach. In truth, there are many resources to help students pay for college. Most people will qualify for at least some federal financial aid. When this is combined with scholarships, the price tag for earning a degree becomes more manageable. For students in Kansas, there are many great scholarship programs available. If you are ready to start the next phase of your learning, or if you are already in college, these scholarships in Kansas will help you complete your education.

Kansas State Scholarship

This scholarship is available to students who have completed at least four years of English, four years of mathematics, three years of science, three years of social sciences, and two years of foreign language. To be eligible for this program, students must be seniors in a Kansas high school who have received a certificate of completion for the required curriculum as well as a letter of designation by the Kansas Board of Regents. In addition, students must take the ACT by December of the senior year of high school, must be residents of Kansas attending a Kansas college or university, and must be graduating during the academic year. Typically, recipients have an average of a 3.91 GPA and an average ACT score of 30. The deadline to submit the application is May 1. Applications and further information are available at

The J.L. Weigand, Jr. Notre Dame Legal Education Trust

To be eligible for the Weigand Trust Scholarship, students must be legal residents of Kansas for at least 10 years before college graduation, have taken the LSAT, and be applying to Notre Dame Law School, Washburn Law School, or KU Law School. In addition, upperclassmen must be in the top 10% of the class. To apply, students must set up a personal account on the program website and upload a personal statement, resume, photograph, and character and fitness addendum by March 10. Full program details are available on the website at

Kansas Ethnic Minority Scholarship Program

This program exists to help financially needy, academically excellent students of ethnic and racial minorities pay for a college degree. Students of all levels may apply, but priority is given to entering college freshmen. To be eligible for funding, students must have at least a 21 on the ACT or a 990 on the SAT, a GPA of 3.0 or higher, high school rank in the upper third, completion of the Kansas Scholars Curriculum, and selection as a National Merit Scholar and a College Board Hispanic Scholar. Recipients receive as much as $1,850 a year for four to five years, depending upon program length. To renew the scholarship, applicants must complete the FAFSA and the first page of the state application. In addition, students must maintain a 2.0 or higher GPA and have financial need. Applications and details are available at

Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship

Recipients of this scholarship must commit to practicing as an LPN or RN in a designated Kansas location. Applicants must find a local sponsor to provide a portion of the scholarship funding and to offer employment upon recipient licensure. To be eligible, applicants must be accepted to a nursing program in Kansas and secure a sponsor. Awards are made to student nurses who have the earliest receipt date of a nursing application. LPN students may receive $2,500 a year and RN students may receive $3,500 a year. The funds are renewable with a service agreement and sponsor agreement each year. In exchange, students must agree to one year of service for each year funds are awarded. If the student forfeits on the service agreement, he or she will be required to repay the funds at the current Federal Plus Loan rate plus 5%. Interested students must apply by May 1 and can find details at

Dan L. Meisinger Sr. Memorial Learn to Fly Scholarship

This scholarship is named in honor of the founder of Executive Beechcraft and serves to provide a flight training scholarship to a qualified applicant each year. To be eligible for the award, an applicant must be a college student enrolled in an aviation program, have a B or better average, be a resident of Kansas, Missouri, or Illinois, and have a recommendation from an aviation professional. To apply for the $2,500 award, students must submit an application with proof of current GPA by the last Friday in November. Recipients must supply copies of training records and to notify NATF of any changes in relevant information. Applications and further information are available at

Kansas Teacher Service Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to increase the employment of qualified teachers in hard-to-fill disciplines and underserved areas. To be eligible, applicants must be residents of Kansas and attending a Kansas college or university. In addition, applicants must be accepted for admission, or enrolled in, a teacher licensing program to enter work in special education, mathematics, science, foreign language, or English as a second language. Recipients of the scholarships must agree to work in a needed discipline or area one year for each year of funding. Priority is given to Junior and Senior college students as well as currently licensed teachers who meet the criteria. To apply, students must submit official transcripts, at least one letter of recommendation, a personal statement, and a copy of the teaching license, if applicable. Funding is $2,698 per semester for 12 or more hours, $2,160 per semester for 9-11 hours, $1,618 per semester for 6-8 hours, and $1,080 per semester for 3-5 hours. Applications are due May 1 and can be found at

There are so many great scholarships in Kansas that it is easier than ever for the state’s students to earn the degree they really need. If you live in the state and need help paying for college, these and similar opportunities are waiting for you.

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