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New Jersey Scholarships

Regardless of where they live, college students all have one thing in common…the need for financial aid. Government programs typically fall far short of the funding needed to pay for an education, and student loans leave new graduates facing a mountain of debt before they can even get established in a career. For many students, scholarships are the answer. Scholarship money is basically free money for college and never has to be repaid. Students in New Jersey can make use of this resource, since there are many scholarships in New Jersey that are designed to fit the needs of nearly any student. Here are some of the programs available:

John Starks Foundation 3 Point Scholarship

Time is of the essence in this program, since only the first 200 applicants will receive consideration for funds. The program provides $2,000 grants to graduating high school seniors in the Tri-State area who plan to attend an accredited college or university in the upcoming academic year. Recipients who remain in good academic standing will be considered for additional financial assistance. To be eligible, students must have at least a 3.0 GPA and demonstrate both financial need and a commitment to community service. To apply, students must submit the official scholarship application along with official transcripts and two letters of recommendation via postal mail. Applications are due May 1 and are available at

Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation Scholarship

This program provides one scholarship each year to a cancer survivor who is planning to attend college. To be eligible, applicants must have a diagnosis of cancer or leukemia before the age of 21. In addition, candidates must have an excellent academic record, leadership ability, financial need, and strong moral character. Recipients receive $1,500 a year for up to four years as a full-time student at an accredited college or university. The application deadline is May 20. If you are interested, you may request an application by calling 904-543-2599.

Candice’s Sickle Cell Disease Scholarship

Each year, this program provides at least three $1,000 scholarships to students with sickle cell disease who wish to earn a college degree. The program provides scholarships through fundraising activities and donations from businesses and individuals. In addition, the program encourages companies and individuals to offer scholarships in their names to students with sickle cell disease. For more information, and to apply for a scholarship, visit the official scholarship site.

Bassil Hayspell Merit Award

These scholarships are available to residents of Burlington County who is enrolled in or accepted by an accredited institution of higher learning. To be eligible, students must be full-time students with excellent academic records. To apply, students must submit an official scholarship application along with two letters of recommendation and official transcripts. Recipients will be required to submit one copy of the Term Bill, a copy of a letter of acceptance, and a copy of the class schedule by July 15. Recipients may also be required to complete an interview. Recipients will receive $500 each semester to attend community college or vocational schools or $1,000 per semester for a four-year college or university. For applications and further program information, visit

Mannington “Stand On A Better World” Scholarship

Each year, this program provides five $1,000 scholarships to the top five applicants who are high school seniors in Salem County. To be eligible, students must be enrolled in an institution of higher learning for the upcoming fall semester and must show a strong dedication to community service. Interested students can get an application at All applications and supporting documents are due by May 2.

New Jersey Urban Scholars Program

This is a merit-based program that recognizes outstanding students in urban and economically distressed areas. The program provides up to $1,000 a year, renewable annually as long as eligibility is met and funding is available. To be eligible, students must rank in the top 10% and have at least a 3.0 GPA by the end of the junior year of high school. In addition, candidates must be citizens or eligible non-citizens of the United States as well as permanent residents of New Jersey for at least the last 12 consecutive months. Students must be registered with Selective Service, if required, must be enrolled full-time in an accredited New Jersey college or university, and must maintain satisfactory academic progress. Candidates for the program are selected by their high schools, so interested students should speak with the high school guidance counselor. Further information regarding this program is available at

Melissa Anne Centrella Scholarship Foundation

This program is in honor of a former Nutley High School graduate and resident of Kinnelon, Jew Jersey who passed away from dystonia. The program provides one $3,000 scholarship, three $1,500 scholarships, and four $1,000 scholarships each year. To be eligible, students must be pursuing a career in nursing, medical sciences, or a medical technical field. In addition, students must be residents of New Jersey with at least a 3.0 GPA. Applicants must submit a list of community services performed during the last four years and may be called upon for an interview. For further information, or to apply, visit the official scholarship site.

Stew Tweed Fisheries and Aquaculture Scholarship

This program is in memory of a former Marine Agent for the New Jersey Sea Grant Extension Service and has the purpose of promoting passion for shellfish culture and marine science education. Each year, the program provides two scholarships: $1,500 to a graduating high school senior, and $2,000 to an undergraduate or graduate student studying or researching fisheries and aquaculture. Applications and full scholarship information is available at

TGS Scholarship Fund

Each year, Tekmark Global Solutions, LLC provides three scholarships to help talented students earn a higher education. To be eligible, students must be incoming freshmen at Rutgers University, Rider University, or Ohio State University who intend to be full-time students. In addition, applicants must be citizens of the United States and must be working toward a bachelor’s degree in engineering, engineering technology, computer science, telecommunications, or information technology. Applicants must have at least a 3.0 GPA and a combined score of 1200 in Math and Critical Reading on the SAT. To apply, students must submit the application form along with an essay, curriculum vitae, two letters of reference, official transcripts, and a letter of acceptance to one of the eligible schools. One student from each school will receive $1,000. Applications are available at and are due May 1.

New Jersey State Golf Association Caddie Scholarship

This program provides scholarships to applicants who have caddied at NJSGA clubs for at least two seasons. To be eligible, applicants must be attending an accredited college or university full-time. To apply, candidates must complete the official application and submit it along with parental tax returns, transcripts, and SAT scores by March 1. Recipients will be chosen based on SAT scores, financial need, character and leadership qualities, and the golf club’s financial support of the program. Applications and further information are available at

These and other scholarships in New Jersey make it easier than ever for the state’s students to pay for a college education. With these opportunities available, the sky is the limit for students of all ages in the state.

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