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South Dakota Scholarships

There are many scholarships in South Dakota that help students in the state pay for the rising costs of attending college. These programs are a valuable resource to many students, who often face the choice of taking on thousands of dollars in student loan debt or skipping higher education altogether. If you are a South Dakota student who needs some extra financial support for your college years, check out these programs:

Horatio Alger South Dakota Scholarship Program

This program offers financial help to South Dakota students who have shown perseverance and integrity while overcoming personal difficulties. To be eligible, students must be graduating, full-time high school seniors who plan to attend college the fall following graduation. In addition, students must be committed to earning an accredited bachelor’s degree in the United States and must have critical financial need. Applicants must be involved in community service and extracurricular activities, must be residents of the state, and must be United States citizens. To apply, students must complete the program application and submit it along with high school transcripts, the support and verification form, and a copy of parental federal tax returns. To apply or to get further information on the funding available, visit

South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship

This program was established by the Legislature in 2004 to provide students with up to $5,000 in financial aid. To be qualified for the scholarship, students must be high school graduates with at least a 3.0, residents of South Dakota, have at least a 24 on the ACT, and complete the approved high school curriculum. Qualifying students may receive funds for up to four years, for a total of $5,000, to use at an eligible college or university in the state. Qualifying students may receive $1,000 per year during the first three years of college and $2,000 during the senior year as long as eligibility requirements are met. To get details on the approved curriculum and for other information, visit the official website.

South Dakota Association of Towns and Townships

The South Dakota Association of Towns and Townships offers one $1,000 scholarship and one $500 scholarship each year to high school seniors in South Dakota who are attending public, private, parochial, or home school programs. To qualify, students must live in a town or township with a current membership in SDATAT. To apply, students must submit the completed application form along with a written essay on the year’s assigned topic by April 1. To apply, visit

Davis-Bahcall Scholarship Program

To be eligible for these scholarships, candidates must be at least 18 years old at the time of travel, must be high school seniors or college freshmen, and must be attending an accredited South Dakota program. In addition, students must have shown an interest in science as long as the intention to pursue an advanced degree in a STEM field. Students who apply may also have the opportunity to apply for paid summer internships from mid-May through August. To apply, students must submit the official scholarship form, transcripts including standardized test scores, an essay, a detailed resume, and a letter of support by a current high school teacher by January 15. Finalists will be required to complete a 15-minute interview. For applications and full program details, visit

Hagen-Harvey Scholarship

This program provides students with $6,000 in scholarship money over four years. To be eligible, students must graduate from an accredited high school in South Dakota and must apply for the funds within the first five years after graduation or the first year after release from active military duty. In addition, applicants must be enrolled members of an American Indian tribe and must attend an accredited college, university, or technical institute in the state. To apply, students must submit the completed application form along with two letters of recommendation, official transcripts, verification of enrollment in a tribe, an essay, a list of involvement in school activities and organizations, and ACT scores by March 15. To apply, visit

Student of Integrity Award Scholarships

These awards are established to recognize high school seniors who personify the values of integrity and leadership in students as well as to emphasize the importance of community service, academic accomplishments, ethical behavior, humility, respect, compassion, and courage. To be eligible, students must be qualified as high school seniors and have plans to attend an accredited post-secondary education program. Applicants must also be residents of Nebraska, the Kansas Plains, Southwest Iowa, or South Dakota. The program provides two $2,000 scholarships to students from each of four eligible areas. Candidates are chosen based on essay content, community service, leadership, recommendations, and academic achievement. To apply, students must submit the application form, a description of extracurricular activities, a list of work experience and community activities, two letters of recommendation, a description of post-secondary education plans, transcripts and standardized test scores, and an essay. To apply, visit the official scholarship website.

Dakota Corps

To be eligible, students must graduate from an accredited high school in South Dakota with at least a 2.8 GPA and have an ACT score of at least 24. In addition, applicants must submit a written agreement to work in a critical need occupation in South Dakota for as many years as funds were received plus one year. Currently, critical need occupations in the state include teachers in high school math, high school science, elementary or secondary education, and high school career and technical education in addition to accountants/ auditors, engineers, information technology professionals, and registered nurses. Students must apply for the scholarship within one year of high school graduation or release from active military duty. In addition, students must attend a participating South Dakota college, be citizens or nationals of the United States, and enroll in an undergraduate program that will prepare them for working in a critical need area. Recipients will be chosen based on GPA, test scores, activities, honors, written essay, and community service. To apply, students must submit the completed online application along with all required supporting documentation by February 1. Interested students may apply at

For students in South Dakota, scholarship money is there for the taking. With so many varied and highly valuable programs, a college education is within the reach of anyone who wants it. If you are a South Dakota student who needs financial help to make your dreams come true, your answer is here.

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