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Christian Scholarships

If you practice any movement or denomination of the Christian faith, there are many scholarships available to help you pay for your college degree. While some scholarships are specific to a certain denomination, many are for all Christians in general. Regardless of whether you want to become a missionary, wish to study theology, or simply identify as a Christian student, many private foundations and organizations want to reward your faith by helping you pay for college costs. Check with your church and faith-based groups to which you belong and contact your college, especially if it is a religious private college, for scholarship leads. To get you started, here are some Christian scholarships in which you may be interested:

Emma Kapp Ogburn Memorial Fund

The Emma Kapp Ogburn Memorial Fund scholarships for Christians were established in 1946 to award Methodists from the Forsyth County area of North Carolina. To be eligible, you must be a resident of Forsyth County and a member of the Methodist denomination. In addition, you must demonstrate devotion to service in Christian education. Award amounts vary depending on available funding. If you are interested in this scholarship, your application must be received by the office of Centenary United Methodist Church by May 15. Applications and detailed information are available at the Winston-Salem Foundation website.

Diamonds in the Rough Ministry International Scholarship

Diamonds in the Rough Ministry International has the goal of empowering women toward self-worth and self-discovery in Jesus Christ. These Christian scholarships are available to girls who are high school seniors and who have demonstrated excellence in community service, academics, and extracurricular activities. To be eligible for these scholarships for Christians, applicants must have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA, be enrolled in an institute of higher education, and be residents of Texas. To apply, students must submit official transcripts, a letter of recommendation from a teacher, mentor, or minister, and proof of college or university enrollment by April 20. Scholarship recipients are required to write a letter of thanks to the scholarship donors. Students can find more information about this scholarship at

College Christian Leaders

The mission of these Christian scholarships is to provide help to Christians with high academic achievement, strong leadership experience, and financial need. The funds are intended to provide such individuals with the vocational, academic, and ministry training to promote the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. In order to be considered for these scholarships for Christians, students must provide a Christian testimony and proof of Christian leadership. In addition, applicants must be entering an undergraduate program or currently pursuing a degree with at least a 3.0 GPA. Students must also show financial need and be residents or attending college in Oregon, California, or Washington. To apply for this scholarship, students must submit a cover sheet, an official application, a leadership assessment form, and a ministry reference form by May 22. All documents and instructions are available at

Faith and Education Scholarship

The Tessie Eerligh Scharing Memorial Christian Scholarship provides $10,000 in college funding to deserving students who belong to the Church of Christ and who are attending a liberal arts college. To apply, students must submit the official application along with all other requested materials by postal mail to the address on the application. Students must also obtain three letters of support. Applications and other documents and details are available to interested students at

WMU Foundation Scholarships

The WMU Foundation provides over 20 grants and scholarships for Christians around the world. Scholarships include those for missionary children as well as general scholarships. Amounts of awards and deadlines vary, so see the official website at for Christian scholarships that may fit your profile and needs.

World Council of Churches

The World Council of Churches offers Christian scholarships for graduate study that will improve the situation of the world’s most vulnerable people. The award amounts vary depending upon the costs of the study program. To apply, students must submit applications through a member church and must have a church recommendation. Applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree, have basic employment training, and have work experience in the field of study. Recipients must complete their studies outside the country of residence and must fully embrace the host culture during the study program, which may not exceed two years. To apply, students must submit a recommendation from a member church or related organization, a detailed budget for the proposed study program, and proof of proficiency in the language of the proposed study area. In addition, applicants must submit academic records and a letter of acceptance from the chosen study institution. All materials are due by April 30. Applications, supporting documents, and further details are available at

If your Christian faith is a vital part of your life and identity, these scholarships for Christians will help you cover the costs of getting your college education so you can actively promote your faith throughout the societies of the world. Christian scholarships can make a world of difference in the financial needs of students majoring in theological studies or any other field.

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