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Free College Scholarships

All college students scramble for ways to pay for increasingly high college expenses. Unfortunately, many also fall for scams that charge a fee in exchange for supposed links to great scholarships. Don’t spend your precious college bucks on these services. Instead, take advantage of the many free scholarships that are available. There are scholarships that can help any type of student to make education more affordable than ever. Here are some of the options available to help you get started:

College Net Scholarships

At, you can earn free scholarships by creating discussion forums, contributing to the forums of others, and voting for opinions you appreciate. This is a fun and interesting way to get some college funding while sharing ideas and insights with other students who are sharing your experiences and problems.

Any student who is attending or planning to attend college, as well as graduates paying student loans are eligible to participate in the Collegenet scholarship program. Anyone is allowed to read, contribute, and vote on forum threads. However, only the eligible persons listed above are allowed to receive votes and to earn scholarship funds.

It is easy to get started on Collegenet. All you have to do is click the sign up link on the home page at and complete the registration form. Once you have chosen a username and password, you will receive a text message containing an account activation code. After you have entered your code on the form, you can sign in and start participating in the forums. The site is highly interactive and allows you to respond to forums through text or video. In addition, you can create your own forums to encourage conversation on topics that interest you.

Scholarships are awarded weekly and are awarded based on the number of points you earn during that period. You can earn points each time you vote for someone else as well as each time you receive votes from others. The more you participate in the forums, the greater your chances  of winning. Weekly awards range from $3,000 to $10,000, and are determined by the number of participants as well as the total number of points earned by all individuals. The more active the site, the higher the weekly scholarship, so it is a good idea to be active and to encourage friends to join and participate.

Scholarship Points

Another great opportunity for free scholarships is available through ScholarshipPoints. This is another points-based scholarship reward program that gives out over $100,000 worth of scholarship money to college and high school students every year. This is another program that lets you have fun while earning much needed college cash.

On, you can earn entry points by playing games, surfing the web, reading blogs, taking quizzes and surveys, and much more. Since you are probably already doing most of these things online, this is one of the easiest possible ways to get a chance at scholarship money.

Every point you earn on the site gives you one entry into the monthly drawing for $1,000 or the quarterly drawing for $10,000. The more points you earn on the site, the greater your chances of winning. Winners are chosen randomly from all entries and are announced on the website monthly.

There is no reason why it should cost you money to find scholarships. There are so many great scholarships available that cost you absolutely nothing to find or apply for. Instead of relying on pay services to help you find money for your college education, apply for some of these fantastic scholarships and search for more like them.

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