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High School Junior Scholarships

College is expensive. Many students find that it is very difficult to find the money to pay for college without taking out thousands of dollars worth of student loans. Because of this, the earlier students start looking for college money, the better off they are. If you are planning to attend college, it is not too early for you to start applying for scholarships. In fact, there are many scholarships for high school juniors that can help you start building your college fund today. Not all of these scholarships are based on your GPA or require extensive writing. In fact, there are many great scholarships that allow you to show your own unique talents, whatever they may be. Consider these opportunities for starters:

VFW Voice of Democracy Scholarship

The Veterans of Foreign Wars, or VFW, has been offering scholarships for high school juniors through its Voice of Democracy competition since 1947. By writing and recording a broadcast on the designated theme of the year, students can win up to $30,000 for a college education and an all-expense paid journey to our nation’s capital.

To enter the competition, students must record an original 3-5 minute essay on a CD or cassette tape. Entries must be received by the local participating VFW post no later than November 1 in order to be eligible. Recordings will be judged for up to 35 points for content, up to 30 points for originality, and up to 35 points for delivery. For best chances of winning, make sure the recording shows human interest, imagination, clear organization, transitions, and a clear delivery style. Past winners of this competition include renowned journalist Charles Kuralt.

C-SPAN StudentCam Scholarship

Do your talents and interests reside in video broadcasting? If so, you may be interested in C-SPAN’s StudentCam competition. This annual competition encourages our nation’s youth to focus on issues that are relevant to our communities and nation. To enter, students can choose to work individually or as part of a small team to create a 5-8 minute documentary geared to this year’s theme, Message to the President: What’s the most important issue the president should consider in 2013?

Students may submit up to three entries, as long as they include a small portion of C-SPAN content and meet all other guidelines of the competition. The complete list of requirements is available at the official scholarship site at The deadline for submissions is January 13, 2013 and a total of $50,000 in prizes will be awarded.

Moody’s Megamath Challenge

Another of the great talent-based scholarships for high school juniors is the Moody’s Megamath Challenge. This competition focuses on using mathematics as a profession, a contributor to our technical society, and as a probelm-solving tool. Students wishing to participate work in teams of 3-5 students to solve a realistic, open-ended mathematics problem during a 14-hour day. Teams who are awarded one of the top six prizes will then move on to the final round for ranking, during which they will be required to present their papers. The top prizes rank from $20,000 to $2,500, to be shared among tam members.

Though the competition is expected to go national in 2016, it is currently open only to students in 29 eastern states. When building a team for this competition, make sure members are chosen for their ability in different areas. It is also vital to have at least one member with above-average writing skills. Sample winning entries are available on the site archives. For more information on the Moody’s Megamath Challenge scholarship, visit the official site at

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