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Hispanic Scholarships

Hispanics are the largest ethnic minority group in the United States, but they often face tremendous challenges when pursuing a higher education. Many wrestle with the many nuances of the English language, and still others face tough economic, social, cultural, and familial obstacles. Because of these extraordinary challenges, there are many scholarships for Hispanics that are designed to make higher education a reachable dream.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

By far, the best source of scholarships for Hispanics is the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Applications are accepted September 1st through December 15th of each year for students at all levels of higher education. College students must be enrolled in a community college or in an undergraduate or graduate degree program. They must also be U.S. Citizens, legal permanent residents, or eligible non-citizens. In addition, they must be pursuing their first undergraduate or graduate degree.

The HSF also offers a community college transfer student scholarship that is available to students who meet requirements and who are currently enrolled in community college with the intention to transfer to a full-time program at an accredited U.S. Institution. To apply for scholarships, visit the HSF official website.

Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities

Another great resource for those seeking scholarships for Hispanics is the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities. Deadlines vary by year and scholarship amounts can reach as high as $5,000. To be eligible, applicants must demonstrate financial need, attend a HACU member college or university, and meet the criteria for all individual scholarships for which they intend to apply. There are a variety of scholarship opportunities available through the site, all available through a single application. Here is a listing of scholarships for which you can apply through HACU:

  • Aetna Nursing Scholarship – This scholarship grants $2,500 to full or part time undergraduate students attending member institutions. To qualify, students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and must be earning a nursing degree.
  • NASCAR/ Wendell Scott Sr. Award – This program offers $3,300 to full time graduate or undergraduate students who are attending four-year HACU member schools and who are majoring in Business, Engineering, Mass Media, Public Relations, Marketing, Sports Marketing, Technology, or Management. To be eligible, students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA and attend a school in Georgia, Florida, or North Carolina.
  • Travelers Scholarship – These $5,000 scholarships are available to full-time undergraduate students who are majoring in Computer Engineering, Accounting, Finance, Computer Science, General Business, Human Resources, or General management. To qualify, students must have a GPA of at least 3.0.
  • United Health Foundation/ Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities Scholarship – This program offers $2,000 scholarships for Hispanics who are full-time undergraduate or graduate students attending member institutions and majoring in Dental Technician, Clinical Psychology, Nursing, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Dental, Pre-Pharmacy, Public Health, Physician Assistant, Behavioral Health, or Mental Health. To qualify, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and must submit a professional resume and participate in scholarship surveys.

Hispanic students have enough difficulties to overcome in life without worrying about how to pay for a college education. These scholarships and others like them can make life a little easier and can provide the means of getting a good education, allowing Hispanic students to finally bridge the gap and to enjoy successful, fulfilling lives. If you have been wondering how you can possibly manage a college education, this is the answer. These scholarships can cover your costs and help you earn your degree without leaving college under a huge student loan debt burden.

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