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Is The Nevada Millennium Scholarship Right For You?

By Adam on February 16,2013


The Nevada Millennium Scholarship is a program created to provide financial aid to students in the state of Nevada. It was designed to help students graduating from Nevada high schools to be able to pay for state colleges. In order to receive the Millennium Scholarship you must meet residential and academic requirements. When requirements are met, students are automatically notified of their eligibility by mail and can receive the scholarship funds through enrollment at an eligible Nevada college.

What is the Nevada Millennium Scholarship?

The Nevada Millennium Scholarship provides up to $80 per credit hour of financial aid to eligible students in the state of Nevada. It was created by the Nevada State Legislature in 1999 which put the State Treasurer in charge of the Millennium Scholarship Trust Fund. The Millennium Scholarship Trust Fund was enacted in section 396.911 of the Nevada Revised Statutes to provide the money for the N...

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Google Lime Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

By Claire Foster on February 10,2013

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The Link Between Student Success and Financial Aid

By Claire Foster on February 10,2013

We all know how important scholarships and financial aid are to students who cannot afford to pay for college, but can this monetary help also help students to perform better and have a greater chance of success? A study by MDRC is investigating t...

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Take Your Scholarship Essay from Drab to Fab

By Claire Foster on February 08,2013

The current job market makes it more important than ever to have a college degree. Unfortunately, the rising cost of getting a degree is making it more difficult for a large number of people. Scholarships can he...

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10 Tips to Maximizing Financial Aid

By Claire Foster on February 03,2013

Paying for college education is a major concern for many families. With the sticker price of many of the best private universities exceeding $200,000 ...

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