Mother Promotes Safe Driving Through Scholarships

Mother Promotes Safe Driving Through Scholarships

Vera Sohovich lost her son in a tragic car crash in June of 2011. She is now honoring his memory by providing scholarships to help other teens avoid making life-threatening mistakes while driving. When her son Daniel crashed, he was driving recklessly, speeding, and was not in a seat belt. After the accident, Sohovich started a group on Facebook to encourage safe driving in her son’s memory. Now, she is taking her efforts a step further by offering scholarships to Southern High students in the amount of $3,500.

About the Scholarships

Seniors who graduate from Southern High in 2013 have the opportunity to win one of at least three $3,500 scholarships. To be eligible, candidates need at least a 3.5 GPA, must be active in extracurricular activities, and be accepted to a college or university. In addition, students must have a clean driving record, which includes no major violations, and must get a teacher recommendation. Finally, students must conduct a community project based on promoting awareness of driving safety. Documentation of such efforts must be presented when applying for scholarships.

Why Scholarships?

Sohovich knows that many teens do not really listen to parents and other adults. She hopes that this program will provide positive peer pressure regarding driver safety…pressure that will save lives. She hopes that this program will educate and motive students about safe driving while they are seeking financial aid for college. Applications are currently being accepted. Interested parties should contact Sohovich at

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