The National Science Foundation to Provide Cybersecurity Scholarships

Kansas State University’s computing and information sciences department has received $2.3 million in scholarship funds for U.S. citizens who are interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity. The scholarship funds will be offered through the National Science Foundation in tandem with the University’s newly introduced cybersecurity courses.

The National Science Foundation is hoping that these scholarships will serve to provide more cybersecurity professionals. Currently, cyber threats far outnumber the experts available to handle them. Hackers are getting savvier, and are breaching the security of corporations, government agencies, and infrastructure services.

Kansas State University is gearing up to train these future defenders through its new Cyber Defense Basics course. The course makes use of a completely contained cybersecurity lab that allows students to learn cyberattack defense without any risk of infecting outside systems. In this program, students will learn the basics of cyber security and will also have the opportunity practice these skills in a real-world environment. This will create experts who are prepared to meet the challenges of any threat quickly and efficiently.

The government realizes the importance of cybersecurity training to our national defense and security as well as to the general well-being of the world. The scholarship funds provided by the National Science Foundation will allow students interested in a cybersecurity career to get the education needed to serve on the frontline of cyberdefense. In order to be eligible for the scholarships,s tudents must be citizens of the United States, must clear a background check, and must commit to employment in a government agency as a cybersecurity professional for a number of years equal to the number of years that scholarship funds were received.

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