Is The Nevada Millennium Scholarship Right For You?


The Nevada Millennium Scholarship is a program created to provide financial aid to students in the state of Nevada. It was designed to help students graduating from Nevada high schools to be able to pay for state colleges. In order to receive the Millennium Scholarship you must meet residential and academic requirements. When requirements are met, students are automatically notified of their eligibility by mail and can receive the scholarship funds through enrollment at an eligible Nevada college.

What is the Nevada Millennium Scholarship?

The Nevada Millennium Scholarship provides up to $80 per credit hour of financial aid to eligible students in the state of Nevada. It was created by the Nevada State Legislature in 1999 which put the State Treasurer in charge of the Millennium Scholarship Trust Fund. The Millennium Scholarship Trust Fund was enacted in section 396.911 of the Nevada Revised Statutes to provide the money for the Nevada Millennium Scholarship. The Policy and Procedure guidelines for implementing the Nevada Millennium Scholarship were developed by the Nevada System of Higher Education’s Board of Regents. Since the creation of the Nevada Millennium Scholarship the state of Nevada has ”seen a significant, positive impact – more than double the number of students are attending” Nevada “colleges and universities since the program began” (Marshall, 2012).

What do You Have to do in High School to be Eligible for the Nevada Millennium Scholarship?

The proper residential and academic requirements must be met to be eligible for the Nevada Millennium Scholarship. Nevada High School Students are only eligible if they graduate with a diploma from a public or private Nevada High school in the year 2000 or later. Students must have at least a 3.25 grade point average to be eligible for the scholarship. This GPA can be weighted or unweighted. Weighted GPA’s are weighted by increasing a student’s score if they are taking advanced classes. To qualify for the Nevada Millennium Scholarship a student must also “pass all areas of the Nevada High School Proficiency Examination,” and have been a resident of Nevada for at least two years of high school. If you are a student graduating in the year 2009 or later, you must also complete the core curriculum (Sandoval & Marshall, 2011).

How Do I Apply for the Nevada Millennium Scholarship?

There is no need to apply for the Nevada Millennium Scholarship. You will be notified with an official award and information packet sent to you by the Office of the Nevada State Treasurer. This packet will describe your scholarship programs terms and conditions . Although there is no application for the Nevada Millennium Scholarship you must enroll in an eligible Nevada College to receive the Millennium Scholarship. It is important to do your own research on colleges in order to determine if they are eligible. If they are there are two additional requirements to receive the scholarship. The first is a minimum credit amount of 6 credits at a Nevada Community College or 12 credits at a different eligible college. The second is “You must enroll in a program of study leading to a recognized associate degree, baccalaureate degree, or pre-baccalaureate certificate” (Sandoval & Marshall, 2011). With these standards met you can use the Nevada Millennium Scholarship to help you pay for college. The University of Nevada is one of the most popular universities that are eligible for the Nevada Millennium Scholarship. At the University of Nevada a student can receive a total of $10,000 towards their education. The University of Nevada recommends using your UNLV student ID for accepting the Millennium Scholarship online to help expedite the process of receiving the award. They even allow students to use the Scholarship to help pay for study abroad programs (University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2012).


The Nevada Millennium Scholarship program was created to help fund Nevada student’s higher education. It was designed to help Nevada high school students pay for state colleges. Residential and academic requirements must be met in order to be eligible for the Millennium Scholarship. You will be automatically notified of your eligibility by mail when the requirements are met. You can receive the scholarship funds through enrollment at an eligible Nevada college.

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