Scholarship for Breast Cancer Survivors

Scholarship for Breast Cancer Survivors

October of every year is Breast Cancer Awareness month. During this important time, medical associations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations work diligently to provide education about breast cancer, which affects 30,000 women every year. Most people know someone who has breast cancer, or who is a survivor. Since this disease affects so many women, many organizations have developed scholarships to help those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer overcome some of their hurdles so they can attend college.

This scholarship was established in 2001 to help women attend college in spite of the significant barrier that breast cancer creates. The scholarship is available to breast cancer survivors who were diagnosed on or before their 25th birthday, or those who have lost a parent to breast cancer. The scholarships provide $10,000 for college, renewable for as many as four years. Applications are accepted each fall and there are multiple awards made.

Youth Cancer Survivor College Scholarship/ Youth Scholarship Program of the Midwest

The Youth Cancer Survivor College Scholarship serves Ohio residents, while the Youth Scholarship Program of the Midwest serves residents of Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Iowa. Applicants must be battling breast cancer or be survivors who are under the age of 25.

Cancer Survivors’ Fund

This nonprofit fund has the mission of providing a college education scholarship to survivors of cancer. To apply, you must submit a completed application, letters of recommendation, and an essay describing how cancer has impacted your career goals and life values. The application period opens in February.

Cancer for College

The Cancer for College organization has rewarded over $1.75 million in college funds to over 1,000 cancer survivors since it began in 1993. Preference is given to residents of California as well as those attending Southern California colleges, but all cancer survivors who are U.S. citizens may apply. Applications must be received by January 31, 2013 to be considered.

Being diagnosed with cancer can derail your life and seemingly ruin your plans for the future. These great scholarships can cut your college costs and make it possible to get your life back on track so you can earn the degree of which you have always dreamed.


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