The Shocking Truth About Scholarships

The Shocking Truth About Scholarships

Although the economy is in deep trouble and it seems that college may be no more than a pipe dream for many aspiring students, in truth there are many scholarships floating around for those with the drive and ambition to go out and get them. The challenge is not in finding scholarships. Instead, the real challenge is in finding enough time to apply for as many as possible. There are scholarships that will provide a discount on tuition, those that pay for books and other fees, and those that cover housing costs. Scholarships may range from as little as $100 to enough to cover your entire college costs.

Why Scholarships Are ImportantĀ 

College expenses are not cheap, even at community colleges. For many, landing scholarship money can make the difference between getting a community college or trade school education and one from a well-known four-year institution. For many more, this money may make the difference between going to college and not getting a higher education at all. While you will likely be able to get at least some financial aid, scholarships are great because they never have to be repaid. In essence, they provide you with free money for pursuing your dreams.

The Truth About Scholarships

While many aspiring students may feel that scholarships are only available for the eliteā€¦those with a perfect GPA or an incredible athletic or other talent, the truth is that there are now scholarships available for everyone. All you have to do is find them and apply by the deadline to have a chance of landing college funds.

If you are just an average student with no stellar talents or abilities, start as early as possible on applying for scholarship funds. Apply for every single scholarship for which you meet eligibility requirements. Even if the award is only $100 or so, when you add several small awards together, it can make a tremendous difference in your out-of-pocket college expenses.

The truth about scholarships is that they are out there for everyone. Sadly, much of this scholarship money goes unclaimed every year because people simply do not apply. Do not let this free money escape you. Instead, start applying now and set a goal of applying for at least one or two scholarships every day. You will likely be surprised by how much money you can actually get when you dedicate a small portion of your time.


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