Sodexo Foundation Provides Scholarships to Students Who Fight Hunger

Sodexo Foundation Provides Scholarships to Students Who Fight Hunger

The Sodexo Foundation is now accepting applications for its annual Stephen J. Brady STOP Hunger Scholarship awards. Students from kindergarten through graduate school are eligible to apply as long as they have actively worked to raise food, funding, or awareness of our nation’s hunger problem. There will be five national winners, each receiving $5,000 in scholarship money as well as $5,000 in funds for their favorite anti-hunger charities. In addition, 20 regional honorees will be chosen to receive a $1,000 donation to their favorite hunger charities.

The Scholarship

With over 16 million children classified as food-deprived in this country, the problem of hunger is much greater than many people realize. Sodexo Foundation provides this scholarship opportunity to help pay for the education of students who are actively dedicated to eradicating hunger during their lifetimes. To date, the program has provided over $260,000 in scholarships and matching grants as well as $90,000 in grants in honor of national honorees. Scholarship recipients will be announced during the annual Sodexo Foundation Dinner on June 6, 2013 in Washington, D.C.


Applications for the scholarship program are accepted from October 5 to December 5. The program is open to all students from kindergarten to graduate school who are enrolled in any accredited school in the United States. To be eligible for scholarship funds, students must have demonstrated a commitment to stopping hunger in their communities through volunteer service within the last 12 months. This may include working with hunger charities, raising funds, providing public education regarding the hunger problem, and participation in and organization of food drives. Special consideration is given to students who are working to eradicate childhood hunger.

Each student may submit only one application and must be accompanied by a Community Service Recommendation. Persons completing the recommendation must be 21 or older and not be a parent, guardian, or family member of the applicant. All recommendations must be received by December 10 to be considered.

Applications and their recommenders must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents and may not be employees of Sodexo. Students who have previously won a scholarship through this program are not eligible to reapply, but honorees may apply year after year until a scholarship is won. For full details and further information, visit the official scholarship site at


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