How to engage with established companies to get a scholarship program

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One of the most significant concerns of graduate students and young scholars is how to find the right scholarship program for themselves. There are, actually, some ways you can apply for the scholarship but the question is, will it be the right career path?

Having in mind the lack of information about corporate scholarships, I want to discuss how to engage established companies in a scholarship program.

Your Idea

It seems natural to sell your ideas to the corporate world, but in reality, it’s often a challenging task. There are some things you need to cover before you write a proposal or a letter of interest to a company you want to establish the relationship with.

Think about your idea – is it worth financing? What will it bring to a company if they decide to invest in it? Is it against company’s vision and overall strategy? It might seem difficult to handle, but there’s an unlikely chance that any company will consider an idea that’s not worth investing in.

Do your research before you take action. Get to know the company you’re going to pitch. Find out their past projects, their aims, their values. Think about what can you bring to the company, in case they approve your proposal for a scholarship. You should also check out some other successful projects within your area of interest. Go to My Sleepy Ferret, for example, to discover how a pure product like mattress or pillow can turn into a great project.

Your Project

Once you’ve done your research and found out what can you bring to the table, you need to make sure you’re idea can be realized. The initial plan needs to be transformed into a project, that will be a part of your application.

When writing a project, you need to pay attention to several things. Firstly, you need to make sure that a plan is written professionally. If you don’t have the relevant experience in writing projects, hire someone who has. The way you present your idea plays a crucial role in deciding whether a plan will be accepted or not.

Your Aim

Another essential thing to consider when thinking about the companies you want to engage in a scholarship program is to have a clear goal with your idea, your project, and your role within the organization.

If you want to apply for praxis, your project should be addressing your purpose. If you’re interested in staying with the company for a more extended period, then you need to make that extra mile and write a project you truly believe in.

What’s in for the Company

Don’t forget to put a company’s shoes – what’s in for them? Why should they consider your application? Of course, you shouldn’t get stuck in thinking that your ideas are not good enough but do take your time when making your proposal. After all, making a strong first impression can open many doors within the industry.…