How to Write a Killer Scholarship Essay

Essay submissions are required for many of today’s best scholarships. One reason for this is that professionals are looking for students who can express themselves well in any situation. Since essay writing is one of the best ways to demonstrate communication skills, it is vital that you know how to write a killer essay if you hope to win a scholarship. Follow these tips to create an essay that will get attention:

  • Choose a topic – Scholarship essay topics vary greatly from one competition to the next. Many have pre-selected topics that all applications must write about, while others allow applicants to choose their own topic within a broad field. Regardless of the specific topic, all essays want applicants to illustrate their unique knowledge, talents, and qualities that will demonstrate why they deserve the scholarship. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to write about how great you are, so you may need to get input from those that know you best.
  • Brainstorm – If you have the chance to choose your own topic, you may feel overwhelmed by the possibilities. Take the time to do some creative brainstorming to see if any particular topic jumps out at you. Consider any extracurricular activities that you have been involved in. This lets colleges know about your personality and accomplishments as well as how they relate to your field of study. Think about your accomplishments. What have you accomplished in your life? Did you start a charitable organization? Have you had successes working with youth? Have you won any awards? Tell about adversities you overcame. This angle to your essay will let the scholarship committee know how strong you are and that you are able to hold it together under stress. If you discuss adversity, be careful not to sound like you deserve pity. Instead, focus on the positives and how your challenges made you a better person.
  • Focus on Quality – You will be judged on the quality of your writing as well as on the content. Make sure to allow yourself plenty of time to write a high quality piece of work. It should take at least two weeks to perform to your absolute best. There is a lot riding on your essay, so make sure to invest enough time into the effort. Once you have your rough draft completed, make sure to proofread and edit until you feel you have achieved your personal best. Then, ask a trusted friend, family member, or teacher for further input. Make sure you have covered every angle before you submit your essay for consideration.

Scholarship essay writing can be stressful and difficult. Take the time to make sure you are giving it your best possible effort so you will have the greatest chances of getting the money you need for your education.

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