Top Free Cyber Security Tools That You Should Know About

Cyber Security

As the internet makes more space in our home, we are bound to be exposed to several cyber threats, starting from virus attacks. There are thousands of websites and users getting hacked every day, and all of this is because of poor security systems. If you are running a website of your own and do not have proper tools to protect your website, you are more vulnerable than anyone with minimal security tools in their PCs. You need the security tools to identify and measure any threats that can harm your important information.

Right security tools can help in protecting your authentication, authorization, and confidentiality of the website. It will also maintain the integrity of your website to make sure no hack or scam can cause damage to your website. There are several cybersecurity tools which you can use for free. These open-source tools are made to maintain your website and report any security issues immediately.

Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP)

ZAP is a multi-functional platform which provides several security features to the websites. It is developed by OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) and comes with the GUI technology which is suitable for both new users and experts.



Wfuzz is another open-source security tool which can force detect the harmful data on the website. It does not have the GUI and can only be used via command line. It supports proxy and SOCK, multithreading, authentication and many other features.


Wapiti is one of the best cyber security paper in the world developed by SourceForge and Devloop. It functions to check the websites and applications. It is a command-line application which involves various commands which are easy to learn for the newbies.


W3af is an open-source web security tool which is developed using Python. It can search for more than 200 types of security issues in web applications and can provide authentication support. It comes with a GUI interface to provide ease with the functions.


SQLMap is a command-line security tool which comes with a powerful testing engine with 6 types of SQL injection techniques. It has automated SQL injection vulnerabilities. It can be used on a range of databases including MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.


SonarQube is another one source security testing tool which can even measure the quality of the web application along with testing it for vulnerability. It can solve tricky issues with ease and use DevOps integration. It can trach short-lived and long-lived code branches for errors and defects.


Nogotofail is a lightweight application from Google to keep web security in check. It can detect the MiTM attacks, SSL verification issues, TLS injection, and SSL injection with ease. It is easy to use and can also be set up as a router, proxy, or VPN server.…

How to Write a Compelling Essay When Applying For Scholarships

starting an essay like a pro

Applying for a scholarship can be a daunting thing, especially because you can’t control the outcome of the selection process. There are several different factors that can influence whether you’re being granted a scholarship or not; besides good records and letters of recommendation, the most important thing to consider during the process is an entrance essay. The outcome of your scholarship approval can, sometimes, depend on your ability to explain and convince the committee members that you’re the right candidate for the scholarship.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some effective tips on how to write a compelling essay when applying for scholarships.

Write a strong introduction

Nothing leaves the best first impression than a strong introduction; however, starting an essay like a pro can be overwhelming for most first-time applicants. Before you start writing, outline the structure of the essay on a separate sheet of paper. Break down all the things that are important to your application.

The intro is the perfect place to catch the reader’s attention but make sure you don’t bother him with unimportant details or too much of “I-talk”. This is one of the most common mistakes applicants make when writing their essay. Save your accomplishments for the latter part of the essay.

Gather your thoughts

A good structure behind your essay will definitely make it more appealing to read. There’s nothing worse than scribing your thoughts randomly, without any storyline that would collect them into a sensible whole.

Writing an outline before starting the essay will help you to keep that structure in order; filling the gaps between the parts will be much easier once you have all figured out on a macro level. You will certainly leave a good impression on the reader if you keep your thoughts in line and inflow.

Watch the tone

starting an essay like a proAlthough they are not spoken, the essay does have their own tone. A writer sets the tone by his word choice; thus, this is one of the crucial things to consider when writing an essay. You don’t want your intention to be misinterpreted, and leaving the wrong impression is something you want to avoid at all costs.

Don’t try to sound too academic or professional while writing because it might appeal as fake or too strict. It’s okay to show your real voice – but don’t get yourself too lose.

Check grammar and style before submitting

Lastly, an essay with grammar and style mistakes won’t leave the good impression on the reader. Don’t be lazy – there are a lot of editing software you can refer to for checking grammar. Or, you can always hire a proofreader, to make sure everything will go off well.