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Criminal Justice Scholarships

The field of criminal justice offers many great careers. Whether you want to work in law enforcement, victim advocacy, forensics, or another area of criminal justice, you will need to earn a criminal justice degree from an accredited college or university. Depending upon the career you choose, you may be able to complete your education in two or four years, or you may have to study for longer. The longer your program, the more it will cost to complete. If you are like many students, you may find it difficult to pay for your education without assistance. If you need help to meet your degree costs, apply for these criminal justice scholarships to get the help you need:

Edna R. Anthony Memorial Scholarship

This fund provides criminal justice scholarships in the amount of $500 each to high school seniors who have at least a 2.5 GPA will attend a Historically Black College or University. Applicants may major in criminal justice, journalism, or nursing and healthcare to be eligible. To apply, students must submit an official application along with a 1,000 word essay on why they wish to pursue their chosen career. Packets must be submitted by March31 along with a high school transcript. For applications and submission instructions, see the BECA website.

Islamic Scholarship Fund

The Islamic Scholarship Fund is accepting applications for criminal justice scholarships through March 21. To be eligible, students must be Muslim or active members of the Muslim community, enrolled in an accredited U.S. college or university by August of this year, and majoring in criminal justice or another approved field. In addition, students must have at least a 3.0 GPA, must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States, and must be in their junior year of college or higher. Applications and details can be found at the Islamic Scholarship Fund website.

Out to Protect Scholarship

The purpose of the Out to Protect criminal justice scholarships is to promote the ability of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender persons who are “out” to the public to enter careers in law enforcement. Eligible applicants must also be recognized as role models by supervisors and peers, demonstrate the use of the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics in decision making, and show potential to graduate from a current law enforcement training program. The deadline for application is May 4. Application information and scholarship details can be found here.

HEEF Mike Corona Foundation Law Enforcement Scholarships

These criminal justice scholarships are available to Latino students who wish to enter law enforcement or criminal justice. The scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate a law-income background, involvement in extracurricular activities, academic achievement, church service, and community volunteer work. To be eligible, applicants must be Latino and a resident of Orange County, CA for at least the past 6 years. Applicants must also be high school graduates pursuing a four-year college degree and must be eligible for need-based aid according to the FAFSA. To apply, students must apply online by March 9. Students may be awarded one of two scholarships: the HEEF General Scholarship or the HEEF Subfund Scholarship. Awards are between $1,000 and $2,000, and each scholarship has its own criteria for eligibility. For full details and applications, visit the HEEF Scholarships site.

NBPA Alphonso Deal Scholarship Award

The National Black Police Association, or NBPA, awards criminal justice scholarships to improve the chances of earning a college degree for qualified applicants. The purpose of the scholarships is to better the criminal justice system by offering higher education to promising students who wish to major in law enforcement or another field of criminal justice. To be eligible for funding, students must be high school seniors and citizens of the United States. In addition, applicants must demonstrate exceptional character, provide a recommendation from a teacher, counselor, or principal, submit a current transcript, and provide a letter of college acceptance. Applications are due by May 18. For applications and further information, visit

Department of Homeland Security Summer Internship

Although these opportunities are not simply criminal justice scholarships, the internships provide an excellent opportunity for criminal justice majors who wish to enter homeland security. To be eligible, students must be United States citizens who are at least 18 years old. Applicants must also have at least a 3.3 GPA and be majoring in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics with an interest in conducting homeland security research. Students chosen for internships must be covered under a health insurance plan and must be available to participate for 10 full, consecutive weeks in the summer. Graduate students who are studying a discipline related to nuclear and radiological threat detection may also apply. Applications must be submitted by January 15, through the online application system. Undergraduate interns receive a stipend of $500 per week, and graduate interns receive $700 per week.

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