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Science Scholarships

Investigate Future Careers with Science Scholarships

When most people think of scientists, they picture people in white lab coats stooped over test tubes and equipment. In fact, those pursuing careers in science are a very diverse group of people who find themselves in many amazing careers. Almost any career that involves asking and answering questions about our world is included in the field of science. Whether you choose to enter social science, chemistry, biology, physics, or another area, there are many science scholarships that can help you pay for your education and make your dreams come true. Here are some of the best scholarship opportunities available to students entering the field of science:

ANS Undergraduate Scholarship

The American Nuclear Society offers science scholarships to students who are at least sophomores in a nuclear science, nuclear engineering, or nuclear-related degree program. To be eligible, students must be ANS student members and must submit a completed application with a transcript and three confidential references by February 1. If applying for NEED scholarships, students must check the appropriate boxes on the scholarship application form. For applications and further information on the program visit

Oregon Space Grant Undergraduate Scholar Program

The Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium offers science scholarships to students attending member colleges and universities. The $2,000 awards are provided on a competitive basis to students enrolled in STEM related degree programs or those pursuing STEM teaching certification. The deadline to apply is November 1. To be eligible for these awards, students must be in good academic standing, must be United States citizens, and must write an essay detailing how STEM relates to future educational and career goals. To apply, students must submit an official application along with the essay, letters of recommendation, and transcripts. Applications and requirements are available at

York County Conservation District Scholarship

In order to be eligible for these science scholarships, students must be residents of York County and attending an accredited United States college or university. In addition, students must be majoring in conservation, agriculture, natural resource management, environment, or a related field, and must have completed the first semester of a degree program. To apply, students must submit a conservation district application form, written career goals, written statement of financial need, a resume, high school and/or college transcripts, a character reference letter, and a letter of recommendation. Applications are available at

AIAA Foundation Orville and Wilbur Wright Graduate Awards

The purpose of these aeronautics and astronautics science scholarships is to encourage talented students to enter these fields and to conduct original research that will improve the field. To be eligible, students must have completed at least one full-time graduate semester with a GPA of at least 3.3. In addition, applicants must be currently enrolled in an accredited graduate program and must be a member of AIAA in good standing with an educational plan that will provide entry into a science field related to the technical interests of AIAA. Recipients are chosen based on GPA, research plan, career goals, strength of recommendations, and participation in extracurricular activities. For detailed information on awards and application procedures, visit

American Society for Enology and Viticulture Scholarships

To be eligible for these science scholarships, students must be full-time students in undergraduate or graduate accredited programs. Students must also reside in North America and have at least junior status in a degree program with a 3.0 GPA or higher. In addition, applicants must be majoring in viticulture, enology, or another field relevant to the grape and wine industry. To apply, students must submit an official application along with a completed student questionnaire, a written statement of future career goals, official transcripts, a list of planned courses for the upcoming year, and two letters of recommendation by March 1. Visit the official site for applications and detailed information.

Friends of Volo Bog Environmental Scholarship

Friends of Volo Bog offer $1,000 scholarships to students who are high school seniors with plans to attend an accredited environmental science program. To be eligible, students must reside in Cook, Lake, Kane, McHenry, Dupage, Will, or Kendall Counties and must have graduated high school in one of these counties with an acceptable level of academic achievement. Recipients are chosen based on career objectives, academic achievement, and a personal statement of environmental ethics. To apply, students must submit an official application form along with two letters of recommendation, official transcripts, a paragraph on professional goals, and an essay on environment ethics by March 31. Interested students can find applications and information on funding at

 Gus Archie Memorial Scholarship

Students who wish to earn these science scholarships must be planning to enroll in petroleum engineering at an accredited college or university. Students who receive the awards must be accepted into petroleum engineering by the second semester of college, must stay in such program, and must maintain satisfactory grades with at least 2/3 of a full-time course load. To apply, students must complete the online application and upload letters of recommendation and university entrance examination scores. The application is available for online completion at

SPIE Educational Scholarships

SPIE offers Optics and Photonics science scholarships as well as travel scholarships for students around the world from high school to graduate school levels who are intending to study photonics, optics, or a related field. Travel scholarships are designed for undergraduate and graduate students who have plans to attend SPEI’s symposia. The awards provide $2,000 to help cover travel costs. The optics and photonics scholarships are for students from high school to graduate school and provide awards ranging from $2,000 to $11,000. To be eligible, students may be either full- or part-time students who are student members of SPIE. Applicants must be enrolled in, or planning to enroll in, a program in imaging, optics, photonics, optoelectronics, or a related field in the fall of the award year. Students must provide two recommendations, and an annual scholarship report, if reapplying. All materials must be submitted by February 15. Interested students may apply online at

Dr. Robert H. Goddard Memorial Scholarship

In order to qualify for the Robert H. Goddard science scholarships, students must be citizens of the United States who are in at least the junior year of an accredited degree program. Students who apply must be planning to earn a degree in science or engineering while receiving scholarship funds.  To apply for funding, students must complete an official application and submit it with an official transcript, a statement of intent, two letters of recommendation, and an essay. Applications, deadlines, and other program materials can be found at

Theodore Gordon Flyfishers, Inc. Founders Fund Scholarship

This program offers $3,500 scholarships to students who have demonstrated dedication and excellence in a field that relates to environmental studies. The scholarships are available to students who have senior standing during the fall semester at a member of the Environmental Consortium. In addition, eligible students may be graduate students of a member college. All applicants must be majoring in ecology, conservation biology, hydrology, zoology, environmental law and policy, natural resource management, or another area of environmental studies with at least a 3.5 GPA. Interested students must apply by April 1. Applications and other scholarship details are available at

Cynthia E. Morgan Memorial Scholarship

These $1,000 science scholarships were established in 2005. In order to be eligible for these scholarships, students must be residents of Maryland who are juniors or higher in a Maryland high school and who plan to attend a post-secondary school in the state. In addition, the applicant must be the first in the family to attend post-secondary school in Maryland and must be planning to enter medicine or a medical-related field. This may include training to become a nurse, laboratory scientist, pharmacist, speech therapist, physiotherapist, dietitian, occupational therapist, doctor, bioengineer, or others. To apply, students must complete the official application and submit a one pate essay on the designated topic. All material must be postmarked by February 25. The scholarship application and mailing address for submission are available at

Science is a very broad field that allows students to find employment in a vast number of occupations. Scientists of all disciplines are vital to our future, so this is a great career field for anyone. If you are interested in earning a science degree, these science scholarships can take a chunk out of your costs of attending college so you can focus on the business of learning.

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