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Connecticut Scholarships

Many college scholarships are highly competitive, and it can be difficult to land the financial support you need for school. For students in Connecticut, however, there are many opportunities that are exclusive to the state, dramatically reducing the number of applicants and increasing the chances of receiving money. There are scholarships in Connecticut that are designed to fit the needs of students in particular areas, those entering particular fields of study, and other special circumstances. Here are some of the great scholarship opportunities available to you if you are a Connecticut resident:

John Starks Foundation “3 Point Scholarship”

This program has the purpose of aiding New York, Tri-State, and Tulsa area high school seniors pursue a college education. The program provides $2,000 to graduating seniors who are intending to enroll as full-time students at an accredited college or university for the upcoming academic year. Students who complete the freshman college year in good standing will be eligible to reapply for additional scholarships through the program. To be eligible, students must have at least a 3.0 GPA, a demonstrated commitment to community service, and proven financial need. To apply, applicants must submit an official application, high school transcripts, and two letters of recommendation by May 1. Applications and other important information is available at

Candice’s Sickle Cell Disease Scholarship

Each year, this organization provides three scholarships to students who are living with sickle cell disease and who are working toward a college degree. Each recipient will receive $1,000 to help cover the costs of tuition. To apply, students must submit a completed scholarship application along with a 250 word essay detailing how sickle cell anemia has affected their lives as well as a list of educational goals, plans to attain those goals, and key players in helping students reach success. All materials are due by May 6. Interested students can find program details and applications at the scholarship site.

The CCAPA Diana Donald Scholarship

The Connecticut Chapter of the American Planning Association provides these $2,500 scholarships in honor of Diana Donald, a nationally recognized planner. To be eligible for this scholarship, a student must be a Connecticut resident or student at a Connecticut college or university in a planning-related degree program. Applicants must demonstrate the ability to work as part of a group, superior academic achievement, financial need, and an intention and desire to pursue a career in planning or a related field. To apply, students must submit the application, found at, along with transcripts, financial need statement, an essay, and three letters of recommendation by April 24. Full program details and submission information are available on the website.

New England Employee Benefits Council Scholarship

The NEEBC established these scholarships in Connecticut to advance the skills and knowledge of those working in the field of employee benefits. To be eligible, students must be in college, studying in an accredited program. Students must also be residing or attending college in New England and must demonstrate an interest in the field through work experience or course of study. Scholarship awards are up to $5,000 and are awarded based on specific study, goals, and activities, work experience, school and community involvement, and academic performance. To apply, students must submit a complete application along with at least two references and transcripts by April 1. For applications and other information about the scholarships, visit the NEEBC website.

CSPJ Foundation Bob Eddy Scholarship Program to Foster Journalism Careers

This scholarship program provides five awards each year: two for $500 and one each for $1,000, $1,500, and $2,500. To apply, students must be starting the junior or senior year in the fall at an accredited four-year college in Connecticut. Alternatively, students may be Connecticut residents attending a college in any state. To apply, students must submit a completed application along with transcripts, writing samples or media work in journalism, and an essay on a current event by April 7. Applications are available at and may be submitted online.

Arrive Alive Scholarship – Carter Mario Injury Lawyers

To be eligible for these scholarships, students must be current high school or homeschooled seniors who live and attend school in Connecticut. In addition, students must be accepted as full-time students at an accredited college or university. Students must also have at least a 2.5 GPA. To enter, students must submit a scholarship application with recent photo along with a video, PowerPoint, brochure, essay, or other presentation on drunk or distracted driving, official transcripts, and ACT or SAT scores by March 26. Recipients will receive $1,000 toward college costs. Applications and further information are available at

Rachel Butterworth Dietz Scholarship

These scholarships in Connecticut are provided by the Boston Flower Exchange, Inc. and provide $5,000 to a student in the New England area who is pursuing a higher education degree in ornamental horticulture or floriculture. The contest is open to graduating high school seniors and college students. To apply, students must submit an application along with an essay about business, floriculture, and future plans and ambitions by September 30. Students must also include transcripts, a resume, and letters of reference. Applications and other information are available at

Lighthouse Scholarships and Career Awards

These $5,000 scholarships are available to students who have overcome the challenges of vision loss. To apply, students must submit an official application along with a visual status statement, documentation of academic record, transcripts, two recommendations, personal and demographic information, and one essay summarizing career goals, achievements, extracurricular involvement, and study interests by March 22. Applications and further program details are available at

The Norman Woodberry Scholarship

The World Affairs Forum created this program to encourage deserving college students to study abroad. The program provides up to $5,000 in scholarship funds to a student who is a resident of Fairfield County, CT or Westchester County, NY who is attending a four-year college or university, and who will use the funds to study abroad at an accredited academic institution for at least one semester. To be eligible, students must demonstrate financial need, rank in the top quarter of the class, and demonstrate involvement with the school and community. To apply, students must submit an application along with at least two recommendations. Applicants must also commit to providing the Forum with an end-of-program report and to speak before an audience at least once. Applications for the program are due by March 31 and can be found at

The Roothbert Fund Scholarships

This program provides $2,000 to $3,000 awards to students who are considering a wide variety of disciplines, with preference given to those entering education. Applicants for the scholarships must submit essays, transcripts, and recommendations, and may be required to complete a personal interview. Applications are available upon request between November 1 and January 31 of each year. To request an application, or to download a copy, visit

Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund

These scholarships are available to students at accredited undergraduate programs who are attending full-time. Students must be pursuing a first undergraduate degree and must be U.S. citizens who are permanent residents of Connecticut or another New England State. Eligible applicants must have a substantial unmet need, special financial circumstances, or a low EFC according to the FAFSA. In addition, students must have at least a 3.0 GPA, be enrolled in a demanding course of study, and demonstrate skilled writing ability. Finally, successful applicants will be able to demonstrate a desire to make a meaningful contribution to society, be involved in community, school, and work activities, demonstrate resolution, integrity, judgment, and self-discipline, and be working part-time to earn money for college. Applications can be found at, and must be submitted with supporting materials by May 1.

There are many scholarships in Connecticut that can make it easier for students to afford to earn a degree. These and other programs will provide the necessary funding to make educational and career goals come true without depending too heavily on student loans and other sources of debt.

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