New Plan in Michigan May Provide Scholarship Money

New Plan in Michigan May Provide Scholarship Money

A new plan to rework Michigan’s public education system includes the possibility that

students can earn scholarship money by graduating high school early. If the plan is approved, students will be able to take their share of public school funding to any school

district in which they are accepted. In addition, students will be able to enroll in online learning courses and will be eligible to receive $2,500 in scholarships for each semester they graduate from high school early.

About the Plan

Michigan governor Rick Snyder asked for a proposal to revise the state’s school finance system for K-12 education. The report will be posted on the Oxford Foundation website and will detail all proposed changes to the current plan, which was drafted in 1979.
Scholarship Opportunity The proposed changes are intended to let students learn from anywhere, at any time, through any format, and at a pace that is comfortable. The proposal is 302 pages long and details plans to let students use their state education funding at any public school district that allows them to enroll. It will be up to the individual districts whether or not to accept students from outside the area. In addition, the plan will allow students to get their education online, with the state funding classes on a performance basis.

A key part of the proposed plan that has caught the attention of many students and parents is the potential to earn up to $10,000 in college scholarship money. Students who graduate early from high school will be awarded $2,500 for every semester early they graduate. To make early graduation easier, districts will be encouraged to spread the 180-day school year over the entire calendar year.

If the plan is approved, it could take up to five years to fully implement, but will not
Opposition require any additional state funding. Those associated with the proposal feel that this may allow districts to specialize in certain academic areas in order to lure students. This would provide a higher quality of targeted education than the current ‘all schools teach everything’ model.

John Austin, president of the State Board of Education is not a fan of the proposal. He states that this is no more than a voucher system that will have a detrimental effect on Michigan’s educational system. In addition, the president of American Federation of Teachers – Michigan, David Hecker, has concerns that the plan will weaken local management of schools and endanger teacher jobs.

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